Creating Life-Work Synergy for Employees Work-life balance is a mutually beneficial relationship between your personal and work life, where both complement the other. When a person is fully supported to be their whole self, and do work in alignment with their strengths, they feel engaged and empowered in other aspects of their life. When organizations announced their work-from-home orders... IMPACT OF ONBOARDING TOWARDS EMPLOYEE RETENTION Employers are facing more challenges than ever as they march into 2021. The pandemic, social unrest, and the general chaos of the past year have brought otherwise healthy companies to the brink, while decimating others that were unstable in the best of times. Our turbulent and uncertain era has illustrated one truth: the corporations... TOP 8 REASONS WHY WORKPLACE SAFETY IS IMPORTANT Every worker deserves to be in a safe environment when they’re on their job. Not only is it a duty of employers to provide the right conditions for their staff, but it’s also their moral responsibility. Workplace safety is of the utmost importance regardless of the size of your firm or the industry you... SIX WAYS TO ENHANCE STAFF MORALE Employee morale doesn’t simply translate into how happy your people are; it’s a direct reflection of how healthy your company culture is, how well you and other leaders are communicating with teams, and how effective your managers are.

High morale only occurs when employees feel taken care of by their company. And because this year...
Latest HR Department Set up Guide for Startups The latest statistics show that the current World is a rising and exciting market for the establishment of new businesses. The startup wave within the current world has picked up over the last decade and is shaping the monetary precedence and it’s Human Resource Department.

But does one apprehend that solely a couple of start-ups...
THE MOST ASKED BEHAVIOURAL QUESTIONS AT INTERVIEWS “Past behaviour is a better predictor of future behaviour”

It is estimated that 80% of the interview is made up of behavioural questions. In order to understand how to answer behaviour questions we need to first define what a behavioural question is.

This type of interviewing is based on the philosophy that your past actions and...
QUESTIONS TO ASK AND NOT TO ASK AN INTERVIEWER As a job candidate what is the best question to ask in an interview? At some point in the interview (typically at the end) the hiring manager will turn to you and ask “Do you have any questions which you would like to ask me?”
There are two main benefits in asking the right questions....
Interview Answers Exposed! VOL 2 HI! Did you read vol 1? you can only follow through if you have read it. Take a few minutes and follow the flow.
ok so still on sharing the right answers to interview questions we have:
9) Do you work well under pressure?
This is an easy question to answer if you have done your research...
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