Latest HR Department Set up Guide for Startups The latest statistics show that the current World is a rising and exciting market for the establishment of new businesses. The startup wave within the current world has picked up over the last decade and is shaping the monetary precedence and it’s Human Resource Department.

But does one apprehend that solely a couple of start-ups...
THE MOST ASKED BEHAVIOURAL QUESTIONS AT INTERVIEWS “Past behaviour is a better predictor of future behaviour”

It is estimated that 80% of the interview is made up of behavioural questions. In order to understand how to answer behaviour questions we need to first define what a behavioural question is.

This type of interviewing is based on the philosophy that your past actions and...
QUESTIONS TO ASK AND NOT TO ASK AN INTERVIEWER As a job candidate what is the best question to ask in an interview? At some point in the interview (typically at the end) the hiring manager will turn to you and ask “Do you have any questions which you would like to ask me?”
There are two main benefits in asking the right questions....
Interview Answers Exposed! VOL 2 HI! Did you read vol 1? you can only follow through if you have read it. Take a few minutes and follow the flow.
ok so still on sharing the right answers to interview questions we have:
9) Do you work well under pressure?
This is an easy question to answer if you have done your research...
Interview Answers Exposed! VOL 1 There are 3 main categories of interview questions: Traditional interview questions, Behavioural Questions (competency-based interview) and Situational questions (hypothetical questions).
Let’s learn how to become a master in answering all three types of questions:
Frequently Asked Questions:
What are general interview questions?
Best to prepare answers to these types of questions, but do not try to memorize exact...
KEEPING THAT JOB AFTER THE STRUGGLE! The struggle for a job in Nigeria is real! The recent trends show that most employees on a job are currently searching for another for different reasons ranging from poor performance in their current place of work, poor working conditions, salary increase, job satisfaction and so on! The question for you who just landed... I Can’t Stand Difficult People! Volume 1
Perspective is everything with Difficult People
When I come across difficult people, I become sick almost immediately!
I run very far away from difficult people!
I can't cope with my boss, i have to resign!. This is what I hear every day.
Well, its 2020 and whether we like it or not people are becoming more difficult...
Personality is the way we look, feel and behave. It is the totality of a person’s being – not merely the external appearance but also various other traits.
Personality includes the following:
Character Traits:
• Integrity: a person’s honesty in dealing with others, loyalty to one’s beliefs, value systems etc.
• Acceptance: by others who come...
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