A talented human resources pool is a key ingredient of organizational success today. Organizations have realized the importance of this key stakeholder for their business and are therefore according to their human resources functions as much attention as they give to their clients. Delivery of efficient human resource services is not an easy task with the increasing growth of global multinationals across multiple geographies. Organizations are therefore increasingly hiring outsourced human resource (HR) services to manage the larger resources portfolio efficiently and ensure a happy and satisfied workforce.

One platform, one contract, and one point of contact make FMR your efficient, and supercharged recruiting solution. By reducing the administrative burdens like contract negotiation, relationship management, invoicing and other tasks, you can take back more of your day and fill jobs faster.

FMR Outsourcing services help organizations proficiently manage their core human resource functions while optimizing resource utilization. Our human resource outsourcing services offer critical front & back-office process management, excellent service quality, and a cohesive HR solutions framework. We provide services through a 24×7, follow-the-sun global delivery model.

Our commitment and dedication towards the HR and Payroll process have enabled us to deliver world-class services and become a major contender in the HR Outsourcing industry. With a determination to improve our leading position through continued growth, we are focused on providing world-class client experience and services. Since our inception, we have been delivering successful human resource management services. The key to our success is our domain expertise. We have a dedicated team of HR solution professionals including consultants, project managers and operations managers who have years of HR and payroll specific design and delivery experience related to different geographic regions.

Employers can save up to 50% in time to fill by harnessing the power of Talent Crowdsourcing. Recruiters work to source top candidates for permanent positions, contract roles, or even special source & screen projects. Candidates are then filtered by FMR’s Artificial Intelligence solution, and reviewed by an Account Manager.

You receive ready-to-interview candidates quickly and efficiently.

Our clients are leaders in their industries and demand the leading talent in their fields. They have grown to trust and rely upon FMR to support their hiring needs. Companies including ___________ and more turn to FMR when they need to hire top talents.

We also offer an integrated HR outsourcing approach that addresses both HR and business needs. We drive cost reduction by implementing cloud-based payroll outsourcing and flexible pricing models to reduce client costs.


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