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At FMR Agency we have unique and creative solutions that meet the clients expectations not only by realizing the clients business objectives, but particularly by our strict adherence to the ethical principles of public relations, we always search for opportunities beyond the agreed communications and the business objectives.

We are the best at what we do

We believe in providing our clients with practical solutions that solve their toughest problems with RESPECT and we grow through INVENTION and INNOVATION.

Manpower Planning and Recruitment Management

FMR AGENCY has a proven record in supporting their clients in identifying the required workforce needs in a scientific way by studying the forecast at short and long term periods, taking in consideration our client’s strategic plan and the environmental factors. Our Un-bundled service lines and value-added offerings includes:​

A databases of 150 000 candidates giving our clients access to top notch candidate base. Post a job now

Staff Management

Your employees are your most valuable asset! However, Managing your employees can be the hardest part of running your business. In fact, staff management is the number one cause of headaches for many Nigerian employers. After all, when you started your business, you probably didn’t worry about managing your employees or Recruitment processes and practices. You were focused on delivering the best product or service you can. Luckily, at FMR we’re experts when it comes to staff management. Whatever staff issues you’re going through, we’ve got the solutions you need!

Managing your staff can be difficult. However, it doesn’t need to be. It also shouldn’t cost the earth.

How We Can Help Your Business?

Our highly qualified HR experts have a deep understanding of all HR Functions. Whether you need an HR but can’t afford an in house HR, or you need help to structure your HR or maybe you need help with workforce planning, performance management or help with running your HR Administration e.g. employment contracts, managing disciplinarians, employee documentation and Payroll or anything else on your journey as an employer, we are here to help.


HR Outsourcing

Many companies of all sizes now outsource one or more of their HR functions and are quite happy with the results. But, is it the right choice for you? HR outsourcing can be a cost-effective way to efficiently deliver your HR services with a high level of expertise behind them. At FMR, we help clients of all sizes – from small local businesses to large national corporations – address their HR needs, freeing up their staff to focus on critical business objectives.

You Can Count on Us

Working with FMR will allow you to concentrate on what you do best – running and growing your business. 

Our highly-skilled and experienced HR professionals have extensive experience helping companies of many sizes, in many industries and in many locations. Let us help you to improve the overall efficiency of your organization in a variety of ways, such as:

You can count on us to deliver high quality HR services so that you can devote 100% of your focus to making your business successful.

Outsourcing HR is a Growing Trend

Many companies outsource one or more functions in their organization from IT to maintenance to Human Resources. In fact, according to a recent study, companies representing nearly 2 million employees – a stunning 94% of companies surveyed stated that they had outsourced one or more of their HR functions. So, the natural question to ask is “were they happy with the results?” Certainly yes!

Payroll Management

Employees need to know they’re getting paid without any issues. Although it’s one of the most important parts of running a business, processing payroll in-house can consume a considerable amount of time and internal effort — and can easily overwhelm your HR team. FMR offers experienced payroll management professionals to help ensure that your employees are paid correctly and on time. Wouldn’t it be nice if your payroll ran like clock-work without you having to worry?

Don’t Let Payroll Disruptions Damage Employee Engagement. A disruption in payroll, no matter how small, can ripple throughout your organization, affecting employee morale

Productivity and leaving your organization open to a variety of legal issues. Even an error on a single employee’s paycheck can end up causing your entire workforce to begin questioning the accuracy or dependability of your payroll management as the story spreads from one employee to another. This can have a very negative impact on the employee engagement of your workforce.

Why is it so important to have an engaged workforce? It actually has a tremendous impact on your company’s bottom line. FMR will manage your payroll at low cost per employee than your own in-house payroll department. When you use our payroll services, we act as your payroll department and scale to fit with your particular business needs ensuring compliance with all regulating bodies.

Organizational Structure and Restructuring

FMR AGENCY has experts qualified with a proven record in studying the business best-fit model to design and redesign the organizational structure and help your business continuity. Whether you are experiencing growth or facing an operational reduction, FMR can help with Restructure Management.

FMR can help you to:
Plan the restructure of your business.
Identify areas for growth or reduction.
Recruit new employees at all levels.
Manage the redundancy process.

We would also support your HR planning to include strategic planning, and goal-setting as well as objectively carryout your Workforce Planning and competency development to identify critical roles and success factors tied to executing your organizational strategy.

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Procedures Drafting

FMR AGENCY are the experts in designing and drafting Human Resources policies and related procedures to suites all sectors; Private, Government, financial services Oil & Gas, Production, Healthcare etc.

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Performance Management and HR Audit

We help our clients in promoting their work environment by adopting the right performance management cycle, and suggest the right system, coach leaders and lead them through the way of implementation; we conduct workshops for employees to better understand the cycle and improve their performance.

FMR AGENCY believes in auditing the human resources department functions from time to time to cope with their employees’ expectations and to retain key talents; as a result we produce a detailed dashboard of the risks, strengths and weaknesses in order to achieve HR excellence.

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Training and Development

Our Training courses are ways of improving the effectiveness of your current workforce, but they are also attractive benefits for ambitious people. Training isn’t just important to any organization, it is vital. Although there are many categories of trainings, FMR AGENCY has qualified trainers conducting specialized and customized training in diverse fields.

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Interview Answers Exposed

Staffing Services

Finding the right number of people to staff a call center can be quite a complex puzzle. From people quitting, to being pulled away for non-call tasks to simply missing in action, there are lots of in-flight variables to juggle. FMR can help to efficiently determine and provide the number of staff needed depending on call volume and level of service requirements.

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Employee Engagement & Benefits

FMR AGENCY partners with our clients to develop and conduct employee satisfaction survey practice in the most transparent way to achieve the best results, FMR are experts in managing the employee engagement practice at long term client relationship concept, our experts suggest an action plan based on the employee engagement results and walk all the way long with our client to achieve the best progress possible.

Our benefits specialists will also handle all aspects of employee benefits for your organization. This includes choosing appropriate plans, completing necessary employee benefits form during new hire on boarding, and managing benefit enrollment during the annual open enrollment period.

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HR Consulting Services

Is your business wasting a valuable opportunity? If you lack the time, resources and specialist knowledge to deal effectively with your HR initiatives, you’re not just missing out on a chance to boost productivity, you’re losing a competitive edge.

FMR will build a customized relationship with you and your business based on your exact requirements and objectives.  Some benefits of consulting with us includes:

Access our deep HR experience and practical real-life solutions to solve your business HR needs.

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