Keeping that Job After the struggle!

The struggle for a job in Nigeria is real! The recent trends show that most employees on a job are currently searching for another for different reasons ranging from poor performance in their current place of work, poor working conditions, poor remuneration, job satisfaction and so on! The question for you who just landed that new and dream job is, how do you intend to keep this job? Most jobs come with strict KPIs, targets which largely depend on your performance, so yes you got that job but may be on your way out just so soon!

Scared? Now lets see how you can keep your job regardless of the set targets. There’s no better way to advance in your career than by distinguishing yourself in your brand-new position.

Here are the things you can do to keep your job:

  • Don’t lose the driving power. After all the hard work that went into getting a new job, you might be tempted to relax, take some time off, and even squeeze in a vacation between leaving your old job and starting the next one. While that’s all well and good, you don’t want to lose your focus. You want to hit the ground running—the first 30 days are going to be crucial. You want to prove your value, make a fast contribution, and confirm in your boss’s mind that hiring you really was a great decision.
  • Keep learning about the company. I am sure you read about the company during your job search—its culture, its products, new markets, competitors, and so on. Now that you’ve been hired, take a deeper dive. Learn all you can about the company’s structure, financials, and latest developments. Contact your new boss to find out if there is anything you should be studying. Most important, keep up with the news. You don’t want to be blindsided by something that everyone knows but you.
  • Be indispensable. Yes you have been told no one is indispensable, while that is correct, there are employees who are indispensable: can you fit in? hmmmm you must be trusted to gain such grounds! you need to be indispensable, especially to your boss. When you’re starting a new job, it’s more crucial than ever. Make your mark quickly by showcasing expertise that’s valuable to your team and in your company. How? By offering to help others, take on additional tasks, contributing positively, work unsupervised, follow all policies and procedures, finish tasks by deadline, save cost for your company and many more. As you settle in, focus on what needs to be done—and how you are the one to take it on.
  • Know all you can. Be a Know it all (in a positive manner). The number one reason to take a new job is for the opportunity to learn. By expanding your knowledge and skills, you’re positioning yourself for the future. In fact, if you approach every task, assignment, and challenge as a learning opportunity, you’ll not only expand what you know, you’ll also distinguish yourself for having a can-do attitude.
  • Be a point of Reference. All eyes are on you as the newly employed. Therefore, you must manage how you come across to others. A few simple, but powerful, rules apply here: Don’t engage in workplace gossip or talk poorly of others. Don’t sap people’s energy with complaints; energize them with ideas. Be all in, all the time with your performance. Do more than you say you’ll do, let everyone be happy once they see you work in through the door!..

Now drink a cup of water and begin your journey to being the best your company ever had! position yourself for what comes next which could be a promotion, it may happen more quickly than you think yes, employees can be promoted with 3 months of employment. This job can be your path to greater and mighty things!

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