I Can’t Stand Difficult People!

Volume 1
Perspective is everything with Difficult People
When I come across difficult people, I become sick almost immediately!
I run very far away from difficult people!
I can’t cope with my boss, i have to resign!. This is what I hear every day.
Well, its 2020 and whether we like it or not people are becoming more difficult than ever especially in Nigeria due to social and Economic situations… So how do you fit in? Let’s look at your perspective!
The first thing I need to do is to broaden your perspective. There are at least 4,628 unique human traits or behaviors identified to date. With many new ones to come!
In nature, each of these behaviors has helped one of us survive and so had a useful purpose at that moment. Each culture and each person in that culture gives a good or bad label to each behavior based on their value system at that moment. For example, behaviors like smoking cigarettes and eating meat are considered either good or bad based on who you talk to and where they live on our planet.
Smoking cigarettes was once promoted by the medical community for relaxation and stress management. It is because of eating meat that humans are able to live just about anywhere on our planet. At the same time we know both have been linked to cancer. So these were and are useful behaviors depending on who is judging them, their level of awareness and their personal value system.
But in nature each one is neither good nor bad. Rather each is or has been useful at some point to someone. So you could say every behavior is either good or bad or both good and bad.
Here’s what you can do:
1) Identify their Annoying Behaviors
List three of the most annoying, frustrating, and rude, disruptive or insensitive behaviors of the person who motivated you to read this article. Write the three behaviors or traits on a piece of paper. Place it beside you as you continue reading this article through the last Volume. They will be very useful.
2) Tap your intelligence
Now let’s tap your genius. Your life experience is a fountain of useful information for dealing with difficult people. Let’s begin with identifying the person from your past who was the most skilled communicator you have ever come across. This person was your “Best Communicator” for Dealing with Difficult People. It might have been a family member, a teacher, a friend, a neighbor or anyone very skilled in Dealing With Difficult People. Recall that person and write down their name.
Now I want you to identify the least skilled communicator you have ever met. This person is your “Worst Communicator” for Dealing with Difficult People. It also might have been a family member, a teacher, a friend, neighbor who was very unskilled in connecting with others. Write down their name as well.
These two memories are going to be a valuable learning resource. They are going to help you to prove to yourself you are a communication genius. They are going to show you the answers to your questions about “Dealing with Difficult People.”
At the end, you won’t ever stop meeting difficult people rather you learn to manage them.
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