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Interview Answers Exposed! VOL 2

HI! Did you read vol 1? you can only follow through if you have read it. Take a few minutes and follow the flow.

ok so still on sharing the right answers to interview questions we have:

9) Do you work well under pressure?

This is an easy question to answer if you have done your research and prepared for this question. (Tip – telling the employer that you crumble under pressure and burst into tears is not going to help you get the job). Although this is a closed question and can be answered with a one-word answer, always provide an example of a time where you worked under pressure and how you rose above the pressure to succeed.

Tip: It may seem obvious, but keep the example work-related.

10) How do you handle change?

This is a classic interview question that always makes a candidate think!

It is incredible the number of times a candidate will say “I handle change well” before an awkward silence as they try to think about an example. Change is a natural part of life and it is about adapting to change that makes you a stronger person. Choosing to embrace change is an opportunity for personal growth.

The best answer is that you embrace change rather than opposing change out of fear or routine. No matter what the job throws at you, you’re able to handle it. Provide an example of where you were able to handle change and come out stronger as a result.

11) Briefly describe your ideal job?

The right answer to this question is to keep it in line with the characteristics of the job and company you are interviewing with. Concentrate on your strengths and what you best bring to the job. A sample answer would be along the lines of, “My ideal job is where I can utilize my key strengths including X, Y, and Z and as a valued member of the team makes a positive and significant contribution.”

12) What makes you want to work hard?

This is a good question from the interviewer’s perspective, but also an easy question to answer if you’re prepared. If we were to answer this question in a courtroom under oath a large percentage of people (myself included) would naturally say material rewards, higher salary, big bonus, perks, etc. Luckily we are not in a courtroom. Focus more on being part of a successful team, adding value to the organization and the satisfaction you derive from it.

13) How would your co-workers describe you?

This is a time for you to show off the attributes that make you unique and further convince the interviewer that you are the right person for their organization. This question is designed for you to put forward your strengths, but remember there is a difference between pride in how you believe you’re perceived and arrogance. Answers such as “My co-workers think I am wonderful” or “They think that I am the greatest thing” do not go down well in interviews. As per every good answer, provide examples of accomplishments you have achieved.

Power words you can use:

Attentive, Direct, Committed, Conscientious, Dynamic, Hard Worker, Persistent, Methodical, Motivated, Objective, Tenacious, Sociable, Reliable, Resourceful, Respectful, Creative, Confident, Trustworthy

14) What motivates you?

This is a great interview question and a question that every potential job seeker should ask themselves while preparing for the interview. The right answer is providing a mixture of what motivates you as a person and what motivates you about the job you are applying for. Remember to be specific and tailor your answer to the job you are applying for.

Question: Do you mention money or not?

Typically saying that money or benefits motivate you is not the response a hiring manager is looking for. But as per always, the rules change depending on what industry you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a sales role that offers high commission, being motivated to succeed and earn a greater commission is definitely a motivation. Rather than just saying money motivates me (which is not advised), tell the interviewer that you are motivated to sell and succeed and enjoy working in an environment where the more you put in, the more you can gain in return.

15) Tell me about your salary expectations

It goes without saying that everyone wants to make as much money as possible. The best way to answer this question is by researching the market value of the job you are applying for deeply analyzing your skills and if you consider yourself the perfect fit (Be honest to yourself). Honesty is the best policy when it comes to salary expectations because if you are looking for a role that pays 100,000 but the role will only pay 60,000, it won’t be long before you begin to lose interest in the role and start searching all over again for a new job. Show the hiring manager that you have thoroughly researched the role and have an understanding of how much the role pays. Many people try to avoid giving the interviewer a straight answer when answering this question as not to “rock the boat”.

The worst answer is a “desperate answer”.

Example Question: What are your salary expectations for this job?

Example Answer: “I’m easy – whatever you guys are willing to pay.”

Good answer: – “Researched answer”

Example Question: What are your salary expectations for this job?

Example Answer: “From my research, I know that the salary range for this position is between 150,000 and 70,000 – having worked in the industry for 5 years I feel that my value would fit into this range” or without having 5 years experience I can expect to earn at least 50,000 and over a short time prove my ability to earn 150,000.

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