As a job candidate what is the best question to ask in an interview? At some point in the interview (typically at the end) the hiring manager will turn to you and ask “Do you have any questions which you would like to ask me?”
There are two main benefits in asking the right questions. Firstly don’t forget the number one rule. The interview is a two way process and you need to ensure that this organisation is the right fit for you. If you are uncertain about certain aspects of the role or need greater clarification, then this is the time to ask those questions. Don’t be shy or intimidated. Secondly, asking clever questions will not just help you in deciding if this job is right for you but will impress the interviewer and leave a positive image as someone who is comprehensive and professional.

What you need to do:
1) Prioritize your questions based on the interview situation – Is this the first interview or the second interview?
2) The best questions you can ask are open ended questions
3) Have 3-5 questions prepared (The more the better)
4) Only ask questions that you are interested in knowing the answer!
5) Only ask questions that are relevant to the job, department, management and organization

Sample questions to ask:
• How will my leadership responsibilities and performance be measured?
• Do you provide any sort of professional development or training?
• How do you measure performance and how often is it reviewed?
• Who was in this job before and why did they leave?
• Is this a new position? How long has this position existed?
• Could you explain your organizational structure?
• How many people work in this office/department?
• How much travel is expected?
• What’s the makeup of the team as far as experience?
• With whom will I be working most closely?
• Why do you enjoy working for this company?
• Can you describe the company’s management style?
• What would be the goals of the department in the coming year?
• What are the traits and skills of people who are the most successful within the organization?

Types of questions NOT to ask:
1) Salary and benefits
2) Questions that are clearly stated on the website
3) Generic / Obvious questions
4) Questions that the interviewer is unable to answer. Do not try to “outsmart the interviewer” Asking questions that appear to be challenging the interviewer or a question that the interviewer is unlikely to know will only create a negative vibe between you and the interviewer. Remember you are trying to build rapport with the interviewer not challenge the interviewer.
5) Questions that are irrelevant to the job or organization

Sample questions NOT to ask:
• How many sick days and holiday days do I get?
• Do I still get paid for a sick day?
• If I start next week how long until I will get a pay rise?
• How long is the lunch break?
• What is it that your company does?
• Are the working hours flexible?
• Am I able to have my own office?
• Who are the nicest people on my team?
• How many warnings do you get before you are fired?
• Are there many food shops close by?
• How financially sound is this company?
• What are your strengths and weaknesses?
• Can I use the company internet for personal use?
These questions will get you out of the door! Be Smart and appear professional always. Do you agree less with any content shared here? Kindly drop your comments below!… Hey, before that, Hit the subscribe button now!

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